Life Cycle of Our Cattle

Raise Your Expectations for Meat

Choose grass-fed beef in the Four State Area

The meat on your table begins as a living creature. The right care during a cow's lifetime can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your meat. Billie Jo Beef puts an emphasis on producing unbeatable natural beef products in Ashdown, AR and surrounding areas. That's why our grain-finished, grass-fed beef is so popular.

Speak with a rancher from our family-owned and -operated business now to learn more about our beef.

Our process is proven and natural

Our cattle go into our feed lot at about nine months old. They're go from 700 to 1300 pounds in around 140 to 160 days. We use natural techniques and avoid growth hormones, allowing cattle to grow as nature intended. This results in a more natural beef product that tastes amazing. You'll feel good about what you're eating when you buy from us.

Purchase grass-fed beef from our ranchers today. Based in Ashdown, AR, we serve the surrounding areas within a 100-mile radius.

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