USDA Processed Beef

Don't Take Risks When Feeding Your Family

We're the right source for USDA-processed and inspected beef in the Four State Area

You wouldn't feed your family any meat that isn't 100% safe. Your loved ones deserve the best. You want to give it to them. If you want high-quality meat in Southwest AR or a surrounding area, you should turn to Billie Jo Beef & Pork. We sell USDA-processed and inspected beef cuts that stand out.

Our products are made to be enjoyed. Find out more about our beef cuts now by calling 903-733-2224 or 903-748-2491.

What makes us different?

The biggest difference between USDA-processed beef and run-of-the-mill products is the processing plant. We have a federally inspected plant. This allows us to sell our meats anywhere in the country. Plus, this provides you with the peace of mind that:

  • We use clean equipment that's up to code
  • We use exceptional processing techniques
  • We follow all federal safety requirements
The quality of our meat is reflected in its taste. You can discover the difference for yourself. Order high-quality meat in the Ashdown, AR area today.

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